NetHope Virtual Global Summit 2020


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COVID-19 funding: Keeping the momentum



The NetHope Global Summit is going virtual!

Training sessions and workshops, October 29 and 30EVERYTHING YOU LOVE ABOUT THE NETHOPE GLOBAL SUMMIT IN A WHOLE NEW FORMAT.Imagine a forum for NetHope members and partners to connect, collaborate, and learn— conveniently available to you wherever you are. Imagine an engaging agenda of informative breakout meetings and inspiring keynotes, never before seen on a … Continued

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PATH Living Labs IDEA session

More and more donors are recognizing the power of Human Centered Design (HCD) in developing and scaling community-based solutions, leveraging methodologies to ensure end users are at the center of program and product design, and sharing insights with key decision makers to inform policy and program decisions. PATH, a leading global health nonprofit established more … Continued

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What We Do

NetHope joins the world’s largest nonprofits with technology innovators worldwide. We act as a catalyst for productive collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving to reimagine how technology can improve our world.

Why Tech Matters


Technology Drives Change

We choose to embrace technology in every area of humanitarian and conservation work because we believe it is always useful and relevant.

Technology Levels the Playing Field

Providing relevant technologies, coupled with affordable access, bridges the gap, and empowers previously underserved communities.

Technology Fosters Economic and Social Improvement

When we invest in technology, we have the opportunity to magnify positive change in other areas.

Our Approach

We enable cross-sector collaboration between nonprofits and innovative companies to develop better programs, mitigate risks, and scale benefits for greater impact in the communities in which we work.