Digital Skills Framework: Technical Literacy

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Technical Literacy is the foundation for skills in the Digital era. In an effort to prepare nonprofits for what will be needed to be operationally excellent in the world of digital skills, NetHope partnered with Humentum, Microsoft, Pluralsight One, and TechSoup to launch the Digital Skills Framework for Techincal Literacy. In this section, you will learn about the tools and technologies you need to succeed and to make a greater impact for good.

The Technical Literacy track offers several options for nonprofit learners depending on your needs or the needs of your organization:

  • NetHope's five Learning Pathways offer a problem-solving track, designed and curated to supply a quick answer to an immediate problem
  • Pluralsight One offers a technical skills development solution supporting the topics within the Technical Literacy Track | Note: Organization-level subscription required
  • TechSoup offers a digital workplace skills track built by and for nonprofit professionals

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