NetHope Global Summit

NetHope Global Summit 2019 held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Each year, NetHope members meet along with corporate partners and supporters, for a Global Summit to address how to use technology to make collective and impactful progress against the world’s most pressing challenges. Previously held in-person in settings across the globe, beginning in 2020, the NetHope Global Summit is being held in a virtual format. This helps integrate initiatives put forth in the UN Sustainable Development goals, protect individuals from the affects of COVID-19, and progress the ideal of digital community. The Global Summit also provides sponsors an enthusiastic audience for products and services, and nonprofit sector professionals a unique opportunity to engage with some of the foremost technology leaders in the world today.

If you have any inquiries regarding attending our upcoming Virtual Global Summit, October 26-28, 2020, or sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.


  • Coming up-Fall 2020: Virtual Global Summit
  • Fall 2019: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Fall 2018: Dublin, Ireland
  • Fall 2017: Vancouver, Canada
  • Fall 2016: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Fall 2015: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Fall 2014: Silicon Valley, California 
  • Fall 2013: St. Charles, Illinois
  • Fall 2012: Redmond, Washington
  • Fall 2011: County Kildare, Ireland
  • Fall 2010: Silicon Valley, California
  • Spring 2010: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Spring 2009: Redmond, Washington
  • Fall 2008: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Spring 2008: San Jose, California
  • Fall 2007: Panama City, Panama
  • Spring 2007: Redmond, Washington
  • Fall 2006: New York, New York
  • Spring 2006: New York, New York
  • Fall 2005: Arlington, Virginia
  • Spring 2005: Westport, Connecticut 
  • Fall 2004: Redmond, Washington
  • Spring 2004: San Jose, California
  • Fall 2003: Atlanta, Georgia 
  • Spring 2003: Baltimore, Maryland
  • 2001: San Jose, California