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Preparing for your IDEA Journey

Why Prepare
You and your organization are about to scale the mountain called digital transformation. And just like any other mountain climbing expedition you can’t do this on your own. You need to thoroughly prepare for it with training; compiling an informed packing list; and enlisting the aid of experienced guides who have made the journey many times before.

A digitally literate nonprofit organization is an organization that is efficient, effective, and data driven. The journey toward this requires the ability to mobilize, train, and inspire your staff to embrace a fully digital workflow. Your task will be to create an environment that is adaptable and flexible. But you won’t be going it alone. Please read all of the information on this page fully before submitting your Imagine Workshop registration .

How to Prepare
The information needed to start your organization's IDEA Journey requires the following baseline assessments and information. This is information that you will need to prepare, and sustain, your organization for its digital transformation and that other organizations have found essential to their own journeys.

The time required to take each survey will depend on the size and complexity of your organization or targeted program. Plan accordingly with the knowledge that the information you provide will be key to your success:

Should you do it with other nonprofits?
In some cases, the challenge your organization has chosen to solve through digital transformation may have sector-wide relevance and can lead to a working coalition of nonprofits. This may reduce the costs of your organization’s investment and attract donors but requires significant coordination and time. Check out the Coalition Decision Framework to explore this option further.

Choosing a Consulting Partner
The IDEA Journey Consulting Partners bring a level of experience and expertise to the process. All of these Consulting Partners have proven track records guiding NGOs through the IDEA Journey process. For background on each of these NetHope-certified Consulting Partners, access the following links:

Once you have chosen a Consulting Partner, we have created a comprehensive guide to the Consulting Partner introductory meeting.

The value and potential cost of your IDEA Journey
Based on experience to date, here are some high-level observed associated cost:

  • Imagine Workshop phase cost: Estimated $50k - $80k (USD). With varying levels of sponsorship, resulting in minimal cost to the nonprofit.
  • Design phase cost varies based on results from Imagine Workshop: observed range $70k - $180k (USD). This will be commensurate to the scope and could be much higher.
  • Execute phase cost varies based on scope/geography from Design phase.
  • Assess phase cost varies based on chosen measures, time frame, and geography.

The Center for the Digital Nonprofit has had great success finding donors to fund the Imagine and Design phases of the IDEA Journey. Please contact us to collaborate on fundraising for the IDEA Journey.

Congratulations on completing all of this in-depth preparation! You are now ready to register for the Imagine Workshop.


These IDEA Journey Consulting Partners all bring proven track records guiding NGOs through the process.

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