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Our projects are as diverse as the organizations that make up our membership. We are, however, unified by one common goal: we strive to make the best use of technology, both at the office and in the field, for the good of those we serve.

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Women and the Web Alliance
Women and the Web empowers women in Africa to improve their lives with technology.

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Do you have an idea for a project with NetHope? We're interested in your suggestions. If you are a partner, supporter or member, the process begins in the same way and follows a process.

1. Project idea development phase

Every project begins with an idea development phase, where ideas are evaluated, developed and modified based on stakeholder feedback. This phase starts with an idea and ends when the project summary is published on the Solutions Center.

2. Member engagement and commitment phase

Developed project summaries are opened for all member comment, evaluation and participation. Project summaries may be improved per feedback. Interested members commit to participate based on their own criteria. The phase begins with a developed project summary and ends with Program Committee review of the finalized concept note.

3. Funding and execution phases

A finalized concept note is shared with potential donors. Revisions may be made based on donor feedback. Once funded, the proposal becomes an active grant and execution of the project begins. The phase begins with Program Committee Approval and ends with funding approval. If no funding approval is secured within 6 months, the concept note becomes “inactive” and active funding solicitation stops, though it may be revived if donor interest warrants.

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