What we do

NetHope helps nonprofits effectively address the world's most pressing challenges through collaboration, collective action and the smarter use of technology.

Our community is made up of nearly 60 of the world’s leading humanitarian, development and conservation organizations, partnered with ground-breaking technology companies and visionary donors. Together, we strive to improve life for people across the planet.

NetHope connects people and responding NGOs in disasters and humanitarian crises, pioneers ethical technology solutions to development and conservation challenges, advocates for our world-changing Members, and shares learning and experience to propel the work of the whole nonprofit sector forwards. We are at the forefront of exciting new digital advancements because helping our Members embrace the right technologies, ethically, enables them to have the biggest and most sustainable impact possible. And that is what NetHope is all about.

The work of NetHope is threefold

Joining together

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NetHope was created by and for our incredible nonprofit Members. Much of what we do is bringing our Members together to collaborate, share their experiences and discover new solutions to common challenges. Our community has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience, and we provide a platform for them to share with and learn from each other. Our Members come together through NetHope Chapter Meetings, Working Groups, Webinars and our annual Global Summit. We join together with the ultimate goal of discovering innovative ways to help more people, more effectively.

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Acting together

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As well as supporting our Members in their individual programs, NetHope runs programs both with and for our Members. We provide essential connectivity in disaster situations, are at the cutting-edge of emerging technologies like AI and Machine Learning for nonprofits, help to provide connectivity and infrastructure for displaced communities, pioneer digital financial inclusion in developing contexts, work for the responsible and impactful use of data in the sector, and more.

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Accelerating together

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NetHope believes in the power of technology to enable, connect and multiply the life-transforming impact of the nonprofit sector. Technology is not the goal or the end point, it’s the enabler. Through NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit, we accelerate the digital transformation journey of our Members and the nonprofit sector at large. We benchmark nonprofits’ digital abilities and help them to become more digital, we work with them to design innovative solutions to overcome big challenges and achieve their goals, and we provide our Members with exclusive technology deals.

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